When will it all end
Q: I've been cut free for about a month. My boyfriend is in the hospital now and I feel like its all my fault. I just want to slit my wrists :( I don't know what to do anymore I feel out of control

I’m sorry to here, please feel free to talk to me off anon or anything. Please don’t do anything. It all gets better I promise you. I love you. x

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Everything pulls me more to the edge.
New Blog!

Hey guys ! So recently I went to a therapist and sort of told her about my blog. She requested to make a new blog or delete this one and concentrate on positive and funny/happy things. And so i took her advice. You guys can go follow my new blog http://forever-an-ice-cream-cone.tumblr.com/ Its a totally different thing which is just random things that i like and such, but yet you guys can ask me anything there and ill answer. I love you guys so much. Btw I wont be deleting this blog. Stay rad,

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I ruined it once again. Fuck.
This says a lot.
I’ve been gone for a while and I apologize to everyone who have messaged me & I have not replied back, I’ll try to get back to you all as soon as possible. xx